Isaiah 9:1-7 Four Names: One Saviour

Spiritually the nation of Israel was at a low ebb.  As so often, many had turned from the Lord to serve false gods and the sovereign Lord has given them a taste of judgment on sin through the king of Assyria.  The people, however, seem all the more hardened and their condition hopeless (8:22).  Is there a word from the Lord?  Through Isaiah God gives a promise of the coming Messiah.  Consider Isaiah 9:6-7 Four Names: One Saviour.

1. The gift of the Messiah

Note v6 ‘unto us a child is born’ – an event of great significance to the whole nation.  One child is set in contrast to the mighty empire of Assyria.  What use can he be?  But he will bring deliverance to the people of God.  His ways are not our ways (55:8).  Deliverance comes through a real historical event.  The Messiah is flesh and blood, one sharing our nature (Hebrews 2:17).  He is no ordinary child, his virgin conception being described in 7:14.  By God’s grace ‘unto us a son is given’ (See also John 3:16).  Though a child, he is not weak – ‘the government shall be upon his shoulders’ (see also Matthew 28:18).  He fulfils the promise to David of an eternal king on his throne (2 Samuel 7).

2. The titles of the Messiah

(i).  Wonderful Counsellor.  The Messiah himself is a Wonder, with a nature beyond human understanding.  The Messiah will provide a marvellous salvation.  He needs no human counsellors to advise him and his plans will not fail.

(ii).  The Mighty God.  The mystery of the incarnation – God himself comes as Deliverer.  ‘Immanuel’ (7:14) – ‘God with us’ in a unique way.  As a warrior he bears sin on the cross and defeats his enemies (Colossians 2:15).  He overcomes sin and death.

(iii).  The Everlasting Father.  Christ is a Father to his people, guarding and providing for them.  He never forsakes them and is the good shepherd of Psalm 23.

(iv).  The Prince of Peace.  His atoning work in his death and resurrection provides true peace.  He removes all that disturbs his people’s peace by dealing with sin – ‘being justified by faith, we have peace with God’ (Romans 5:1).  We may then be at peace with ourselves and with others.  ‘Peace’ is life in harmony with God.

3. The reign of the Messiah

What is the kingdom of the Prince of Peace like?  According to v7 ‘of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end’.  It is a growing kingdom, with multitudes brought willingly to submit to the King.  It is a spiritual kingdom comprising redeemed sinners.  Christ’s atonement results in ‘a great multitude that no-one could count’ (revelation 7:9).  On the ‘throne of David’ he reigns over the people of God, all who are true spiritual Jews (Romans 2:29).  His reign is characterised by ‘justice and righteousness’.  The guarantee that this will all take place is the ‘zeal of the Lord’ – zeal for the honour of his name.  There is no possibility of failure.

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