Our Heritage

European Heritage Open Day 2020

every year we are open on EHOD however this year we will be doing it all online follow the links below to find out more about our heritage.

Covenanters in Belfast

How a congregation split to become two and then rejoined to become one again.

Street Names

Streets near the church have names connected to the Reformation in Scotland in the 16th and 17th centuries.

About the Area

Some idea of the history of the local area can be gained by considering how the streets got their names.

About the Covenanters

Our denomination is known as the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and we are sometimes called Covenanters.  Here’s why.

The Psalter

We use the book of psalms in worship and it has an interesting history.

On a Lighter Note

Looking back on some of the events of the past through 21st century eyes can cause a smile…