Wisdom Calls – Proverbs 8

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In this passage Wisdom is calling out. A cry like this would usually indicate some sort of loss, hurt or danger. However, Wisdom doesn’t cry because of any danger she is facing, but because of the danger that we are in. Wisdom is calling to us for we are in danger and this danger could have eternal consequences if not addressed. Two questions we must consider then;

  1. Are we aware of the warning?
  2. Are we responding to the warning?

As Wisdom calls, it’s worth investigating the true identity of Wisdom, those that Wisdom addresses and finally the offer that Wisdom gives to those who listen.

  1. The Identity of Wisdom

If we look at the claims of Wisdom in Proverbs 8 we can get clues regarding the true identity of our speaker. Spoiler – it is Christ who calls. Some of the clues are:

  1. Wisdom is the authority of authorities. (vv. 15-16)
  2. Wisdom is eternal (v. 23)
  3. Wisdom witnessed creation and was an agent in creation (vv. 27 & 30)

These clues all align with what Colossians 1:16-17 says of Christ. Christ calls – are we listening?

2. Those Addressed by Wisdom

Wisdom calls to all mankind (v. 4). The call of Wisdom is addressed to us. It is a call from Christ to men, women and children – all mankind. If you look at where Wisdom calls then you can see even more of the width of Christ’s call. We see it is in the high places, along the pathways and at the gates to the city. Christ calls in the high and lofty places but also the common places. This call is for us and for us in all our areas of living, work and travel. This address from Christ is meant to meet us wherever we are – it is the most relevant address that we could hear. Christ is calling to us, wherever we are. It is tremendous condescension by him and we should take notice and listen to what he offers.

3. The Offer of Wisdom

Wisdom offers itself. Christ offers himself. It’s not just an offer of intelligence, but life (v. 35). He is the one who has walked the way of righteousness (v. 20) and so he can offer life to us. This is the work he was appointed to do and he delights in humanity and saving humanity (vv. 23, 31). Those receiving Christ receive life. If we seek him then we will find him as (v. 17) assures. Failure to take up this offer will do harm to us (v. 36). Those rejecting Christ’s offer are rejecting life and holding to their own wisdom which is foolishness. They cling to their sin instead of Christ.

If you are a believer then be encouraged, you have this life that is offered and favour from the Lord. The world may mock Christianity but taking up the offer of Christ is the wisest thing you can do. Keep enjoying that life offered, keep following that same wisdom and be like those who diligently wait upon Wisdom in (vv. 33-34). Hearing and obeying the words and example of Christ will have a sanctifying and encouraging effect upon us and will prepare us more for that final day.

Matthew Magee

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